Properly cut and marinated for great recipes, and ready for flavour enthusiasts.


It is our duty to present you with more. You should purchase meat under quality conditions. We prepare quality meat and offer quality service. We slice and dice to preferred sizes, we marinate with the freshest herbs and flavour according to your recipe.  All you have to do is cook it. (Oran ET does not use ready packaged sauces or spices) Taste and health is our motto.

 Now enjoy your meal!

Taze Baharatlı Dana Antrikot

Freshly seasoned Beef Entrecote 

Rose Marin Marineli Antrikot

Rosemary Sauced Entrecote  

Dana Lokum

Beef Lokum

Dry Age Dana Pirzola Dallas Bütün

Whole Dry Aged Chopped Steak

Dana Külbastı Marineli

Marinated Beef Cutlets

Dry Age Dana Pirzola Dallas Kesimi

Cutting Dry Aged Chopped Steak 

Dry Age Dana Pirzola Dallas Dilim

Dry Aged Chopped Steak Dallas Slice

Dry Age Dana Pirzola Dallas

Dry Aged Chopped Steak Slice

Kuzu Sırt Kemikli

Lamb   Back Bone

Kuzu 4'lü Pirzola Zamb Rock

4 Rack of Lamb

Kuzu Bütün Pirzola French Cut

Whole Lamb Chop French Cut

Kuzu Kalem Pirzola

Fine Lamb Chop

Kuzu T-Bone Steak

T-Bone Lamb Steak

Kuzu Kelebek Şiş

Butterfly Lamb Shish

Barbekü Soslu Kuzu Kaburga

Barbecue Sauced Rack of Lamb

Kuzu Kül Bastı

Lamb Cutlets

Kuzu Kelebek Pirzola

Butterfly Lamb Chops

Kuzu Saç Kavurma

Lamb Stir Fried 


Lamb Kokoreç

Kuzu Uykuluk

Lamb Sweetbread

Lamb Kidney, Lamb Liver, Lamb Spleen, Lamb Tripe, Lambs Feet, Beef Liver, Beef Tripe are also available.